2012 Insurance Related Legislation

The following bills were passed during the 2012 Legislative Session. Each bill number links to the enrolled (final) version of the bill. The bills will take effect May 8, 2012, unless specified otherwise within the bill.

"Dept" indicates that the bill was filed by the Insurance Department.

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  • HB 29 S1 Insurance Amendments (Dept's bill), Summary
  • HB 61 S1 Portable Electronic Insurance Related Amendments
  • HB 76 S2 Pharmacy Audit Rights
  • HB 113 High Risk Insurance Pool Amendments
  • HB 144 S3 Health System Reform Amendments
  • HB 159 Unlawful Detention Amendments
  • HB 167 Motor Vehicle Insurance Modifications
  • HB 214 Professional Employer Organization Licensing Act Amend...
  • HB 282 Criminal Offense Amendments


  • SB 104 Revisor's Statute
  • SB 138 S1 Health Insurance Mandate Accountability Amendments
  • SB 153 S2 Procurement Amendments